Despicable Me Kids Costume

Despicable Me Costumes

After watching the movie Despicable Me, your kid may want to role-play the character of Dave, an intelligent well-rounded minion. The Despicable Me costume for your kid comes with the face of Dave printed on it. He has a silly expression with his hair parted or combed in the middle. Since this costume can be worn conveniently and comfortably over the clothes, your kid will be ready for trick or treating in no time. The adults too can wear the Despicable Me costumes this Halloween and keep it simple. Your costume with the Grus symbol and Minion eye goggles will make the necessary statement for you. Continue reading

Kids Gladiator Costume

Gladiator Costumes

This Halloween, enter the battle arena and unleash your battle cry. Dress up in the Gladiator Costume and engage in fierce combat with the toughest fighters. Enter the Coliseum and take part in the vicious fight to death. By taking the form of the legendary gladiators, you can strike fear into your enemies’ hearts. With masks, large head belts, and muscular armor, you can battle to victory. The costume is designed in various forms and sizes that suit every gender and age. Choose from various gladiator outfits and earn the respect that you deserve. You can arm yourself with the shield and a powerful sword. Continue reading

Toy Story Jessie Costume

Toy Story Costumes

Jump into the world of Toy Story movies with the Toy Story costumes. By wearing these costumes your child will be all set for the missions that are thrown his way. He will defeat Emperor Zurg just like Buzz Lightyear. Your child can team up the Buzz Lightyear-inspired costume with a blaster gun, matching boots, and gloves for more space action. The adults can also look glamorous in costumes inspired by Jessie and Woody. The ladies can complement their Jessie costumes with a hair bow, a glamorous hat, and matching boots to sport the cowgirl look. Their male friends can dress like the sheriff and take part in adventures with others dressed like the Toy Story characters. Continue reading

Wizard Costume Pattern

Wizard Costumes

If you want to unleash your magic tricks, give your magic wand a flip, and baffle your nonbelievers, then you must don the Wizard Costume in this Halloween. This costume comes with tunic, an attached purple robe with bell sleeves and a cone shaped wizard hat. By dressing up as a wizard, you will spellbind those that you come across. You can also complement the enchanted look with a wand and the Wizard’s beard. Kids can also put on this costume in a Wizard-themed birthday party. Continue reading

Xena Warrior Costumes

Xena Costumes

Xena, the gorgeous war princess, first seen in the television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys also made her appearance in the television show Xena: Warrior Princess. A brown printed leatherette dress, wrist guards, arm bands along with matching boot covers will give you the perfect warrior look. You may also include a Xena wig, a red cape and a sword to add authenticity to your appearance. Children may also be dressed in the attire of this daring lady in fancy dress parties. Continue reading

Toddler Optimus Prime Costume

Optimus Prime Costumes

This popular Transformers series character is highly favored by children as well as the adults. Your child too can be the star performer in a fancy dress competition or any other occasion by dressing up as this leader of the Autobots. A jumpsuit having the printed blue and red armor of Optimus Prime coupled with the character mask will give your little hero the perfect getup. The box-like costume is easy to create and can be made at home from cardboards. Girls may also dress up as this valiant character in a body hugging jumpsuit matching headpiece, long gloves and boot covers. Continue reading

Mariachi Costume

Mariachi Costumes

The unique charro costumes donned by traditional Mexican folk musicians are highly appealing. The outfit being sober in appearance is an ideal pick for any occasion. Men will look like the traditional musicians when decked up in a black Mariachi pant, black jacket combined with a sombrero (hat), white jabot (neck wear), red bow and a red belt. Sporting a violin or any other musical instrument will add perfection to their getup. Women too can get the Mariachi musician look by wearing a long black dress with a red belt attached to it. They can also get the perfect look with a black bolero jacket, black mini skirt and a Mariachi hat. Continue reading

Infant Care Bear Costume

Care Bear Costumes

Immensely fond of the bright colored bears from the kids’ TV show Care Bears, children love to dress up as these cuddly furry animals. It can be a theme for your child’s birthday party and see the colorful effect that is created with little bears moving all over the place. A jumpsuit of the desired color with an attached bear hood will be an ideal attire. Girls can deck themselves up in a colorful tutu skirt with a funky bear headband to get a glamorous Care Bear appearance. Continue reading

Princess Belle Costume for Kids

Princess Belle Costumes

The golden ball gown of Princess Bell, famously known as Beauty from the Disney animated classic Beauty and the Beast, is an instant hit among girls. The perfect princess outfit will comprise of a yellow pleated satin gown with matching gloveletts and a Belle cameo on the dress. Get the gorgeous princess look by adorning your tresses with an elegant headband or a tiara. Pretty matching shoes will make you ready for the ball. Your little girl will look astonishingly beautiful in the royal attire. Continue reading

Esmeralda Disney Costume

Esmeralda Costumes

This fictional gypsy girl character from the Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre-Dame is unique for her appealing costume. Dress up your little princess for her birthday party or any other occasion in this colorful attire. All she needs is a white and blue peasant blouse, a light purple long or short skirt, a dark purple hip scarf with a gold coin trim to look gorgeous and a pink head scarf. Young women will look gorgeous in Halloween parties by flaunting the perfect gypsy look. Do not forget the tambourine as it will make you look more authentic. Continue reading